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Post by ginger on Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:48 pm

Does any other forum user play with little toy soldiers, rules, dice & a tabletop other than myself?
I know that Agema does rules for tabletop gaming anybody played any? I've read of the accounts of battles played using these rules in one of the LGDR source books & I do look at what is to offer from Agema when checking out rules.
Are there other gamers who would like to state their preference of periods?

My periods of choice -
War of the Roses in 6mm scale - just sorting this little lot out. Going for The Battle of Bosworth Field OOBs & then sorting them to fit with C.S.Grants programmed scenarios for solo gamers.
C18th fictional campaign using 2mm figures (blame Agema & Battlegames magazine Razz )
Napoleonic in 2mm scale - specifically the Iberian Peninsula campaigns. (blame Bernard Cornwell Very Happy ) Although I currently only have French & Austrians for the 1809 campaign ready to play with Embarassed
WW2 - France '44 British & Germans using a hybrid FoW/BKC set of rules
Games Workshop - read fantasy/science fiction.
Bloodbowl (fantasy football for Tolkien type races) - Dark Elves (evil), Orcs & Goblins & Humans
Warhammer (fantasy grand skirmishing using Tolkien type races) - The Empire & Night Goblins.

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Re: Wargaming

Post by count-de-monet on Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:56 am

I like to wargame too. Although lately, while my collections continue to grow, I unfortunately dont actually play as much, simply because the opponent I most wargamed against has moved away.

Anyway my collections are;
28mm Wild West
28mm Pirates
28mm Darkest Africa
28mm Irish War of Independence
15mm (FOW) German DAK, Italians and British 8th Army
10mm American War of Independence
10mm American Civil War

As you can see in a larger scale I tend to go for skirmish type wargaming, while battles tend to be in the smaller scale.

Thinking of adding a 28mm zombie skirmish collection
The Little Corporal

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Re: Wargaming

Post by The Little Corporal on Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:57 pm

oh my, well i used to. i have a good set of 15mm Russian/Polish/Dutch 17th century figures but haven't played for years, after i left london the nearest players were miles away!

occasionally think about strating again but can never muster the enthusiasm!

Also have a good collection of avalon hill games - Original squad leader/Third reich are my favourites plus the Tactical Magazine game of the war in Italy 1943-44 plus loads of day they'll all be highly collecteable and saleable!

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Re: Wargaming

Post by Kingmaker on Sun Dec 21, 2008 2:30 pm

well I would like to try some board games like that but same problem, there is onlly warhammer groups here Rolling Eyes

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Re: Wargaming

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