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Game 2 Diplomatic Signature Blocks


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Game 2 Diplomatic Signature Blocks

Post by Moshe on Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:05 pm

Greetings to All LGDR Game #2 Players,

I am sending this topic out to all players in LGDR Game #2, so that I may compile a list, by country, of the style in which each player would wish to be addressed in any Diplomatic Correspondance! An example follows;

To: His Moste Imperyille & Dred Majistye, the Empiror of the Hevenliye Kyngdome of China.
From: Counte Adolphus von Piper, Consorte Royalle, the Chansillor of Sweden, Finlande, Norway, Livonya , Estonya, ande..... Protector of the Protystante Faythe

Your Moste Imperyille & Celestyille Majistye,

So, I need each player to please send me an email with the correct "To:" line. The above "From:" line is correct, as is my spelling!! Embarassed I also ask that you include your "country #" (eg....SN # 26)!!

My email address is as follows.......

Thank You,

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