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The Battle of Talavera


Richard D. Watts

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The Battle of Talavera

Post by Richard D. Watts on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:55 am

AGEMA is going to run a postal (and PBEM) wargame covering Talavera, a major battle of the Napoleonic Wars. Players will command either British, Spanish, or French forces against other players in a single large battle.

To take part please email us with your preferred choice at

Let us know your preference of nationality (British, French, or Spanish) and whether you would prefer an infantry or cavalry command. If your first choice has already been taken, we will allocate another but, for example if you ask to command infantry, will try to give you such a force.

Turn price is 6, with one turn every two weeks. These can be paid for online via our website,, where you can also get the Napoleonic Battles games rules which you'll need!

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