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Letter of thanks and appreciation to French and allied commanders


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Letter of thanks and appreciation to French and allied commanders

Post by Regor on Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:41 am

Dear Generals Staffiero, Chad, Bowden and Green,

This communique is a message of congratulations for the victory achieved, a heartfelt thank you and to begin a debrief of our actions.

Thank you for your support and skill in the Blutngutz game we have just won! As the C-I-C I applaud your actions. It has been the longest Napoleonic Battles game I am aware of and your morale and financial commitment has been awesome. Notwithstanding the tactical aspects of the game the involvement of all the commanders has been crucial for the success.

I am also very aware of my own failings as a commander for example having routed Galliers off the map I should have waited for his return and crushed him completely but i thought I could take and hold the Warsaw bridge before he could damage us at all.

I am particularly (and continue to be impressed) with Staffiero who has been triumphal in his use of what was the smallest corps. Your actions and advice have been flawless and I am sure it was the sight of his artillery coming into view to the north of the Russian last bastion that caused bailey to capitulate! Also at the beginning of the battle Staffiero’s dissection of the enemy’s cavalry corps was perfect following the seizure of Paris and passing through my corps. Excellent work.

To Chad I would applaud his tenacity and guile. You did not necessarily follow my orders as I conceived them but your commitment to Rome was superb, that and defeating two Russian corps in the process. In doing so you retained your force which made it possible for us to go on the offensive south of the main river, and win! What you might not recall is that it was my intention to have Chad and Green defend the south of the map and I was to cross north at Paris/Rome and support Bowden/Staffiero (and thus avoid a river crossing at a defended bridge!) I was about to order the imperial Guard to cross over Paris when I received Chad’s map showing Galliers advance south of Rome. At his point I chose to move the whole of my corps south of the river as it was also clear green had been defeated.

I would also praise Bowden who had a superb start to the battle and this allowed Staffiero room to maneuver and Chad to take and hold Rome. Bowden took the full weight of the Russian armies north of the river and held them for a ridiculous length of time. Then when all seemed lost he returned to the fray at least twice before retiring with honour.

What happened though to Green? Was his action such that he destroyed a lot of Russians allowing us to win?

And the Imperial Guard? Well I destroyed our best troops taking and losing Warsaw several times and NOT ‘finishing off’ Galliers.

However overall I was happy with our strategy, the changes to and the execution of our tactical plan and after a shaky start the good communication between us.

I would ask you all for feedback on the game and how clear you thought our plan was and if you received the support you needed from me?

On the Russian side I was impressed with Bailey’s action grinding down my troops and Galliers continuation in the game even when down to one unit! Then Parrock kept on to the end! What happened to the others though? What was your unit count of enemy units destroyed against your own forces in the end?

I would be very happy to receive your communication, advice and criticism in return.

However I would repeat my ‘thank yous’ and confirm my admiration for your abilities.

Congratulations on this hard won victory!!


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