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Letter of thanks and appreciation to Russian commanders


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Letter of thanks and appreciation to Russian commanders

Post by Regor on Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:44 am

To Bailey, Parrock, Galliers et al,

Thank you for the BnG game: I am glad the French won but it was touch and go. I would be happy to share my strategy with you so that you can see what should have happened!!!

Read this from East to West.......

Firstly Staffiero with his cavalry was to cross the eastern bridge and engage your cavalry corps. The Imperial Guard (me) would follow him over the bridge and swing West and a la Schifflen Plan take the other two bridges along the northern bank of the large river. Bowden who started north of the river was to hold the heights and retreat South East to the central bridge. if pressed. Chad began to the south and most centrally of the French corps; he was to crush any Russian troops south of the river and link up with Green who was to contest the Western bridge and keep your Guard from crossing south, withdrawing to the central bridge if pressed too hard.

Well it didn’t work out like that! Chad took the central bridge and held on refusing to send me a map but begging for support. Green was destroyed (how?) and it was only as I prepared to move north of the river that Chad sent me a map showing Galliers pushing east, slightly extended, blow the central bridge.

So by this time Green had been destroyed. Bowden was doing better than expected and Staffiero was in rampant mood.

Therefore I redirected my troops to face Galliers whom I outnumbered and “out-moraled” having hardly lost any troops to that time. This meant I eneded up on the wrong side of the river and not facing the Russian Guard. Hmmm! I should have completely destroyed Galliers but failed to complete the job and so ended up with making an opposed river crossing - several times - to try to win the battle/pin Bailey down with Galliers pinging about behind me. Furthermore Parrock ‘s resistance was a further frustration and Bailey was awesome in destroying my attacks. Fortunately Staffiero, Bowden and Chad dug deep and kept hacking way to the north of the river whilst I took responsibility for everything to the South. Eventually we were successful but it was not without risk and on several occasions I had to rally myself in moments of great frustration.

I had a blast playing against you all. Thank you on behalf of the French generals.

Please feel free to provide me with feedback as to what we should have done, tricks I missed and any other observations you may wish to share.

Best regards,


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