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fat women


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fat women

Post by Deacon on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:25 am

This got me chuckling:

The Bey of Rumelia has set tongues wagging
after it was leaked that he has ordered
his men to search every inch of the country
for the fattest women alive. It has been suggested
his taste for the larger women is not
presently satisfied by his current wives.

There's a player who wouldn't balk as I do at playing historical Pedro's purported love of black mistresses!

Mustang Shooting Stars

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Re: fat women

Post by Mustang Shooting Stars on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:46 am

Well, that's nothing compared to the historical inspiration! I heavily toned it down in fact Smile

When his brother died in 1640, 23-year old Ibrahim was released and declared sultan. Ecstatic and more than a bit unhinged, he immediately made up for lost time by building up a harem of virgins to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite. Ibrahim supposedly enjoyed having his concubine gather in a palace courtyard so that he could gallop around them while “neighing like a stallion.” He also had a fetish for fat women, and at one point sent his servants on a quest to find the heftiest lady in all the land. They returned with a 350-pound woman nicknamed “sugar cube,” who became a favorite member of his harem.

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