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Nice quote


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Nice quote

Post by Kingmaker on Sat May 31, 2008 1:46 pm

I found this quote from the time Napoleon invaded Russia, it made me laugh, typical soldiers reply.....

In 1812 the Lifeguard Hussar's first encounter with
the French invaders was a specific one. Roman Soltyk writes:
" a strong troop of Muscovite hussars halted at about a 100
paces from our weak advance guard. Coming toward us,
the officer shut out in French: Qui vive ?
"France!" - our men reply quietly.
"What are you doing here ? F off !" - shouted the hussar.

Colonel of the Leib-Kyrassirski Ego Regiment, Commander of the Tsars Personal Bodyguard

The Little Corporal

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more quotes

Post by The Little Corporal on Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:50 am

I like that one, I have nice one from the early 1720's I think

After all the successful battles against the Ottoman Empire this was being said in the European Courts

'The Janissaries were only terrible to their on Sultan's' and a fellow called Marsigli was quoted thus

'the Janissaries were renown for thier good eyes and limbs - the former to keep an eye on the unreliable cavalry who were prone to take flight, the latter to enable them to follow!'

So the Austrians shouldn't worry too much about them then...or maybe they should!?

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Re: Nice quote

Post by ginger on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:35 pm

War of the Roses -

After the battle of Edgecote the earl of Devon was captured by common folk in Bridgewater. The chronicler reports that "He was cut shorter by a head"

"The men at court often wore hose (leggings) that was far too tight and shamefully revealed their manhood"

As the Yorkist army fell apart at Wakefield Sir Robert Apsall escorted the young Yorkist the Earl of Rutland from the battle. Upon meeting Clifford (Lancastrian) Apsall announced that Clifford should not touch Rutland as he was the King's son. Apsall was unaware that it was Rutlands father who had killed Clifford's father. Without further ado Clifford stabbed Rutland to death.

At the battle of Barnet a thick mist lay over the land. This convinced some Lancastrian troops the truth of the story that Edward IV (Yorkist) had paid a friar to create the mist.

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Re: Nice quote

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