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Treaty rule


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Treaty rule

Post by Deacon on Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:30 am

So, I'd said on another thread I'd read that if you breach a treaty you suffer continuous downward pressure until that breach is resolved, and then I couldn't find the passage. Well, I found it again while looking for something else. (Man, the rulebooks are not intuitively organized to me!)

Book of Revelations

page 24, Discourse on Treaties

"Should a nation not comply with its treaty obligations, that nation's honour will have a steady downward pressure until the matter is resolved. This inevitably means that the nation in question will collapse in rebellion and inter internal pressures eventually if the matter is ignored. So, for example, if the Honour score was as high as 30 it is reasonable to assume that in the space of three years this level will have been wiped out and disaster awaits if nothing is done to solve the problem. That is a strong reason to comply with treaty obligations, or if you cannot to make a comparable offer to solve the problem."

So as long as you remain in breach you suffer honour pressure, and if this example is accurate, on the order of a point a month.

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