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Victorian Values.



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Victorian Values.

Post by Wilderbeest on Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:01 pm

Just been given a book of old victorian photographs regarding crime and punishment and several caught my eye. The first is that of a prison officer in full uniform with victorian moustache and menacing glint in his eye, next to him stand two small boys who just about reach his elbow. The caption underneath reads:
" Boys aged 11 & 13 who in 1899 were sentenced to five days hard labour in Portsmouth prison for wilfully damaging a door by throwing mortar at it".

The second is of a gaol record of a young girl and reads:
" For stealing a loaf in Grantham in 1872, Julia aged 11, was sentenced to 14 days in prison followed by five years in a reformatory".

The last is a photograph of the remains of Jack the Rippers last victim, even in black and white it is horrible. She was dismembered.

I wonder if Jack was a child who went through victorian punishment? It always amuses me Victorian Piety on one hand and the brutalising of children on the other.


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