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Handel's Rinaldo


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Handel's Rinaldo

Post by Deacon on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:58 pm

Last night we went to see Rinaldo, an opera by Handel. It originally premiered in London's Queen's Theater in Haymarket on February 24, 1711.

While I didn't like the opera that much, I found it historically interesting for several reasons.

It was written for the London stage... but in Italian. Apparently Italian opera was all the rage of London at the time and apparently Handel dominated the English opera scene of the period.

Second, it is the story of the heroic Rinaldo on crusade against the infidel, but the lead was written for a castrato. (In the production we saw, the lead was played by a woman which didn't work for me..) I thought it was fascinating that given modern ideas of masculinity and warriors that in 1711 that a castrati with their high and beautiful voices would be cast as the picture of masculine knighthood. Perhaps it was just the accepted conventions of opera, but I found it interesting.

J Flower

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Re: Handel's Rinaldo

Post by J Flower on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:12 am

Opera was at the time in question in the same league as modern day Pop Stars, Italian performers were in great demand, musicians could also make a good living in & around the various courts. It brouhgt a great deal of prestige to the various courts to have certain celebrity performers, maybe it is somewhat neglected in Game?

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