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Hello [Resistance is Futile 2]



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Hello [Resistance is Futile 2]

Post by Wilmanric on Mon May 20, 2013 4:54 am


I'm Wilmanric. I live in Gilbert, AZ, USA. I'm an old 40k player looking for a new ruleset to use with my armies. I bought RIF2 on Friday and I like what I see.

I have a few questions and I'm hoping that I can get some friendly guidance here. Smile

My first question is about heavy weapons/weapons in general.

It appears to me that weapons are bought in two parts --

Part one, is it a pistol, carbine, rifle, auto heavy (3 shots), or other heavy.

For pistol, carbine, rifle, auto heavy -- I can see why I would choose these. Why would I choose "other heavy weapon"?

Must you choose "other heavy" or "auto heavy" in order to choose the Wx4 and Wx10 power weapons?

How do these first options square with the "area fire weapons"?

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Re: Hello [Resistance is Futile 2]

Post by Kingmaker on Mon May 20, 2013 9:03 am

Hi and welcome. I do not have these rules. Others may have them and use them so i will let others reply if they do.

A lot of the members on this forum mainly play the PBM games from Agema, although some do use miniatures,

Good luck

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