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The Age of Enlightenment. Game 9.


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Re: The Age of Enlightenment. Game 9.

Post by Rozwi_Game10 on Mon May 07, 2018 3:52 pm

Lord Yea of Shanghai isn't so much lazy, but more aware of costs for Rozwi in Game 10.

At present the financial scales are weighted 2:1 in Game 10's favour - with the need to strengthen the grip on the Ovambo lands we've successfully invaded and are holding (so far 100,000 conquered souls - the area is lightly populated). The problem being, the land we've taken is in central-to-Africa Ovambo territory, and the Ovambo military are all in the west-coast region of Ovambo Africa. Possibly there'll be a war...or not. It'll take the Ovambo a year to march the troops to fight us - or the months needed to raise a force.

Shantung Province in Game #9 is still in the setting up stage, which could take three of four more turns before all my planned for 'starting position' logistics are in place. Then I can move Lord Yea forward into the game...and address the problem of all the foreigners polluting Chinese soil with their barbarian stench! (only joking)

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Re: The Age of Enlightenment. Game 9.

Post by Jason on Mon May 07, 2018 8:13 pm

Oh come now Roy, don't be you are learning the only good Barbarian is one who stays in Europe but still acknowledges the superiority of the Eternal Empire Wink

But you're right, the positions do work out expensive and a lot of work if you're not careful. In any of the core provinces, you have a large population (possibly the biggest? or second biggest in Glory) but a surprisingly low recruit base...and before Stuart starts, as one of the few people who have played a southern Chinese position as well as Manchuria, I can assure you there is no difference in recruit developments take a lot longer.

But Chinese positions are fun Smile you have access to a lot of weapons no one else does...and anyone in G9, do get hold of the "Miscellany" and look up the historically accurate versions of Harpoon/Exocet missiles in there...and yes, my navy has them Twisted Evil

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