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La Difference

The Revenant

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La Difference

Post by The Revenant on Tue May 26, 2015 10:22 am

My Swashbuckler (TM) character recently received a letter from a player running a nation in the same game, suggesting various paths my character could take in order to benefit from their in-game patronage (which would be very welcome!). The player also explained that they had no experience of running a Swashbuckler (TM) character, rightly anticipating that there would be some difference from that of running a nation. Which set me to thinking...

What are the main differences? My immediate reaction is that time moves really s-l-o-w-ly for a Swashbuckler (TM). A month for an army or a bunch of officials to move from town to town, or for an academy to be built, is more than reasonable; but a Swashbuckler (TM) achieves a day (or a few hours) worth of actions in a game-month - maybe just a conversation (and that not necessarily complete). That's ok - but makes it kind of hard to match speeds with a nation-state. Conversely (in my experience, and this may just be down to the way I play or the decisions I have made) opportunities can change rapidly; one month you are talking to some white men of dubious politico-religious affiliation, and the next you are out in the wilderness trying to decipher the natives (for instance).

What do my fellow Swashbucklers (TM) think are the big differences, and how feasible is character/nation interaction?

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Re: La Difference

Post by Kingmaker on Tue May 26, 2015 7:17 pm

yes much like that I spent months hunting the Swashbuckler version of Baron Frankenstein, but in game appeared to be only a few weeks....

It is hard to marry up SB with LGDR...

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