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Peace Conferences in Glori du Roi


Stuart Bailey

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Peace Conferences in Glori du Roi

Post by Stuart Bailey on Wed May 27, 2015 9:22 pm

Following on from Yorktown Conference & the Warsaw Conference in G7 I was wondering if other games had seen many peace Conferences or if use of this rule is more popular in G7 (A game noted powers not being on speaking terms). And what other players experience of peace conferences had been?

Of the two conferences in G7 I would class:

1) Yorktown as a fairly standard "truce" in the Hapsburg V Bourbon struggle. The Frence gave the Emperor back a province they had taken 50 years before but basically it was Emperor wins round XXX on points and going forward new French Govts now seem to have as one of their possible starting objectives of reclaim lost province.

2) Warsaw could in theory have ended the GNW and agreed a lasting settlement for the Baltic since if the treaty had restored the old Russian territory of Ingria to Russia that may have been the end given...... that the Swedes are unlikely to try and take St Petersburg back from 100,000 Russians and the Czar having got his "window on the west" may have been content to allow the Swedes to keep their Baltic Estates.

Instead the Russians got Livonia rather than Ingria and we now have the major Russian Trade routes still having to pay Swedes tolls while the trade outlet of the Eastern Part of the eastern part of the Polish-Lithunian Commonwealth (Riga) is now in Russian hands.

Basically to a outsider (also read new and perhaps existing players) the whole thing looks messy and the only logical explanation is that the Russian Diplomatic Corp is make up of proud citizens of Moscow and old believers who wanted to stop Czar from moving the capital of Holy Mother Russia to a nice new water side location. So they handed over the Czar's nice new city of St Petersburg to Charles Vasa. As an added bonus by handing over the main Russian Dockyards to the Swedes it may stop the Russian Navy from drowning their serfs for a while.

In theory the Czar can move his Navy to Riga which is a slightly better port that St Petersburg.........but a ex Hanse Polish-German port with a Swedish Fortress across the main route to Moscow and the Russian hinterland as the new capital of Holy Mother Russia......unlikely.

I am now wondering that if you go for a Peace Conference are Agema NPC going to either arrange a truce or a unholy mess which gives you more problems than you had before????????

What are other peoples experience? Any stunning diplomatic success achieved by oratory, reason and logic?

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Re: Peace Conferences in Glori du Roi

Post by Kingmaker on Wed May 27, 2015 10:08 pm

The trouble is you have to set your goals and allow a little wiggle room. Thats how I got all of the east and istanbul in my last game as the Tsar. Stuck to my guns threatened a long war then relented on a minor point I was not bothered about and got all I wanted.

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