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Toy Soldier, Table Top Game - 1688 William advances on London


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Toy Soldier, Table Top Game - 1688 William advances on London

Post by Rozwi_Game10 on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:04 pm

This isn't my blog, nor am I connected to it in anyway, but I thought people might like to see some toy soldiers in action from (roughly) the LGDR/TGOK period.

Here's the LINK to the blog, where there's a battle report and around 30 photos of the game.

William advances on London

It is November 1688 and William of Orange has landed in Devon at the head of a Dutch army. His aim is to depose the King of England, Scotland and Ireland and place his wife, James' daughter Mary on the throne. That is the history, here I diverge. Rather than indecision and eventually fleeing, James has decided to fight. He has lost some troops and a few commanders, but many are waiting to see who is going to win before nailing their colours to anyones mast.

William is hoping that English commanders and troops will come over to him, and that James' unpopularity will benefit him. William is marching slowly towards London, hoping to put pressure on King James.

Heading further east William finds that King James has garrisoned a small town on an important crossing point on his path to London. William has had reports from his spies that James' army is 2 days march away so he chooses to attack...

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