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Any chance of some game information, please?


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Re: Any chance of some game information, please?

Post by Jason on Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:37 pm

Stuart Bailey wrote:
Jason wrote:
Stuart Bailey wrote:
Jason wrote:You know, she sounds quite like an ex of mine...including the poisoning Wink

Surely that was just Scots cooking?

This was in my pre-Scottish days Wink

Surely some of your girlfriends can cook without poisoning you? Or do you have that effect on all women?

My ex-girlfriends have shown a bit of a tendancy to leave the country or turn gay but no one has tried to poison me yet. Do you think its common?pale

Signed: Concerned of Bitton

Most have been good cooks and not tried to poison...none have turned gay either...think that's a bit more unusual Wink

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