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Col Thomas Blake-De Vaga


Stuart Bailey

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Col Thomas Blake-De Vaga

Post by Stuart Bailey on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:25 pm

Some people like to take over positions in Glori which are rated as "active" and have one of Richards * marks next to them. Normally code for last player has upset all the neighbours and you are being invaded.

If anyone wants the equal but as a For God King and Country the above position is now going spare.

The good news is that you start as gentry with plenty of cash and weapons (probably own a really good coat & have the odd loyal cut throat or two).

The bad news is that after your cunning play to capture the French Garrison of New Orleans had worked perfectly you than found that some idiot had forgotten to inform you that a small French Army had also moved into the City. So in a fit of temper you knocked the POWs on the head and carried the battle to the new foe.

On reflection this may have been a error since you seem to have upset the French a tad and may also me in hot water with your current Spanish service who's good name & honour you have just dragged into the mud.

Character basically has to get away from Frogs who probably are not in a mood to accept surrender and then either a) Needs a really good lawyer to clear his name before a Spanish Court of inquiry or b) A really fast horse/ship.pirat

Any volunteers or suggestions?

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Re: Col Thomas Blake-De Vaga

Post by Deacon on Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:42 am

When in doubt, lie.

Say you left the POWs in the care of some man who is conveniently now missing, and that you are outraged that such a horrible affront happened that so stained your honour. You'd kill the man if his men hadn't mutinied and killed him already. (depending upon circumstances you may need to actually kill some appropriate scapegoat....) Perhaps even suggest that you bribed one of the french officers to let you into the fort, and he killed the prisoners to make sure the story of his treachery was hidden. You did nothing more than a rue de guerre and the base man murdered his own country men.

Maybe even offer a duel of honour to the french commander that almighty God might prove your innocence on the field of battle. With luck, you'll win and salvage the situation.

But then, I think when all the facts are against you, best to make up some new ones.

I will resist the urge to relate this to american politics.

Option 2: take everything of value and flee. Come up with an entirely new name and start the process all over. hope nobody recognizes you.

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