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Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer


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Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by Nexus06 on Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:32 pm

Hi all

I usually receive 2 kinds of letters in the game:

1) the fancy letter, handwritten or similar, with arabesque and symbols of the nation. It is nicely written, polite, and well roleplayed.

2) Arial 12, "Your Majesty, your grain supply are gone by famine and this will increase SL of your troops. I suggest trading 5000 recruits with 150,000 tons of grain to provide it to farmers. Have you already discovered improved ploughs? send mission"

now, sometimes someone puts himselfs in the middle, but as a player, which category represent you most? With which player do you prefer to interact with?


(Me? 1 and 1 of course)
J Flower

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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by J Flower on Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:54 pm

Confess to subjecting my fellow players ( sorry to all) to occasional handwritten letters, a few years ago it was only Handwritten letters, but the power of technology has crept up on me. I attempt & hope to a degree succeed to try & be polite & also try to stay in period, not always 100% successful, but I try my best.

I see your point on short replies, sometimes you sit & write your turn over a long period of time, trying to find the best way to formulate & write letters of introduction or figure out a reply to a deep & meaningful problem, you try your best & write a few of paragraphs. Then you get the response to the letter you put effort & great thought into writing & you can count the number of words on the finger of one hand, makes you want bite your pen in rage.

We normally have at least two weeks to reply to turns why do we sometimes only get one word answers to letters,Personally find Letters are an important part of the in game atmosphere, especially with all this technology flying around our ears, there is something almost sacred about sitting down & composing a letter to a fellow sapient being.

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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by Jason on Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:53 pm

I go for option 1 when writing letters. I do try and make them full, answering all issues raised and of course am polite-unless when I playing Lord Fong when I do tend to be a bit offensive to those 'orrible Barbarian types from Europe.
Stuart Bailey

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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by Stuart Bailey on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:01 am

I used to hand write a lot more letters but people struggled to read them.

Actually one person was so rude about my hand writing that I started a war.

Find that typed letters now tend to be longer & more generic than hand written ones since I tend to write a letter and then just change the heading and use a lot of original letter plus a couple of personal paragraphs for the next one.

I apologise to anyone who been bored by the rambling's of my characters on the state of the world and the evil and devious nature of my characters foes (rather of lot of these for some reason).

Tend to belong to the Jason Flower school of thought which views failure to reply to my character's rambling's as an insult and therefore perfectly valid grounds to attack. Considering the trouble caused in this period by failure to salute flags and insults to evoys this seems very correct for the period.

In this period sending really insulting letters to foes seem to be limited to people like the Cossacks and Turks while other people tended to be very polite even to people they were at war with. With insults limited to things like missing off someone's correct title.

My theory on insults is to limit them to press and make them as over the top and "in period" in terms of language as I can manage so that no one can think its personal. So called my character an "idiot" which could be taken as a personal attack is really not on but calling a Russian Orthodox Character of mine " Dastardly Anabaptist Cuckold, the son of the Great Whore of Constantinople and a unknown dunnie cleaner" is fair enough. I will probably still have a smile as I write out the attack orders.

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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by Deacon on Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:08 pm

I am a roleplayer by nature, and prefer writing letters fully in-character.

That said, this is a game. The objective is to have fun, and I don't want any other player to ever feel they won't be respected for playing the game their way. I've gotten lots of different letters by style from the short out-of-character, to the long, rambling in-character.

The player that writes that short letter may not have a lot of time to devote to the game. I've been there. They may be newer and that's what they're comfortable doing.

So I do like the roleplaying, but I'm fine with whatever I get. I'd rather they write me a quick scrawl out of character in their own handwriting than not write at all!


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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

Post by Rozwi_Game10 on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:29 pm

I email in my turn, so just write letters on the laptop. I'm also terrible when it comes to spelling and grammatical errors, so handwritten correspondence is beyond me.

With Rozwi I write in character, most of the time. Though do employ several characters to do the letters:
Changamire Dombo II
Prime Minister Chief Hapunda, writing on behalf of Changamire Dombo II
Francois Grande, shipwrecked Frenchman in ill-health and being nursed by the heathens, employed by various Chiefs to communicate to Whites. [though he also slips in his own views on the Black Savages and how uncivilised Africa is]

However, one of the last letters I wrote I just wrote it out of character - I apologised and explained - it being far easier to write in plain English so there was no misunderstanding between myself and the receiver.

With (Swashbuckler) B. Yorke, I write in character, since its a RPG character game.

I don't really care how people write to me, to be honest. As long as I can understand what is being said to me, I'll get back to them.

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Re: Are you a roleplayer or a wargamer

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