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1491 - The Book


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1491 - The Book

Post by Deacon on Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:43 pm

I'm reading this book (well, on audio, like too many Americans, I have a fair drive to work.) It tries to cover the history of the Americas pre-contact.

It suffers from the typical flaws of a journalist writing about science, but it is very eye opening about how much culture was here before first contact, and exactly how/why first contact played out the way it did. (spoiler: small pox and other European originated plagues brought many of the cultures to their knees before europeans arrived to conquer.)

I thought the bits about the origins of agriculture and how many crops we take for granted these days were all domesticated in meso and south america.

90% of the worldwide cotton crop, for instance, derives from the species domesticated in Mexico.

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