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Post by LordCarter on Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:20 am

Greetings All

Just ordered my copy of The Glory of Kings. Really looking forward to joining in with this game and seeing what positions are available. I ordered a couple of other bits as well just to give myself some more flavour. And will order more after the silly season passes. Ive always had a desire to get into early 18th Century.

Hope all have a good Yule Tide and Prosperous New Year


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Re: Ordererd

Post by Jason on Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:45 am

And season greetings to you!

Look forward to seeing your progress in the game of your choice

Marshal Bombast

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Re: Ordererd

Post by Marshal Bombast on Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:26 pm

Happy Holidays Lord Carter and all.

While the country is important in playing the game but how long the game has been going (established) is important too. Also how the other players interact as the letters and the newspaper articles may be relevant to you.

G10 has a lot of room for manoeuvre in the political situation and the current potential for war in Europe as you've already read on here, while also seeing an increasingly active Africa. I'm not playing the other games so a bit difficult to give a flavour of them.

Ultimately enjoy yourself Smile

Stuart Bailey

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Re: Ordererd

Post by Stuart Bailey on Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:38 pm

When looking at what games to join mostly its a case of what position you fancy but some games do have different flavours can confirm:

a) G10 is a very political game huge amounts of propaganda and politic's but very little real military action apart from in India and that has now ended..........players have spent 4 game years trying to sort out Spanish Succession and got in a bigger mess than before. Poland also seems to be starting to develop its own constitional crisis as well.

Think this game could probably do with an Ottoman...........hours of fun winding up a Player run Papacy, playing in the Ukraine paddling pool with the Czar and the Poles and if you have the time wage Jihad to protect those more Muslim traders about to be oppressed in the horn of Africa.

b) In contrast after 4 years in G7 the Great Northern War was at its height and France had invaded the British Isles over a broken dredger contract and was trying to restore its ally James Stuart to the Thrones of the British Isles. This in turn caused France to fall out big time with the League of Augsburg (Dutch & Hapsburgs inc Spain) who just carried over 1690's policies into C18 without change.

Conflict currently having a slight pause but with France still at War with Persia and getting ready to invade the UDP inc the Exiled Protestant Scots & English Govts & forces in exile just as as soon as the ground drys out it may just be a pause.

If I say thay in G7 your Character may be the victim of a cutting remark while in G7 both King William and Prince Eugine of Savoy have had their heads cut off shows the marked difference in style between these games.

Think Austria is now free in this game........won first war with France, lost of three? As soon as the clock runs down on current truce? Or a Pole or a Ottoman?

c) For something very left field Scrabble for Empire is worth a look at. A totally nuts in which some people are basically playing Railways Rivals the Roll Play game while others seem to think the objective is to humiliate your foes in the most interesting way possible. Only Lord Derby is still playing it totally as designed and is trying to impose Prax Britannica and proper taxation on the Hongs.

- I still miss the Emperor Napoleon III and think its about time someone brought his son back from exile and restored the French Empire!
That or we need some more active Americans so the English Players can go back to making mocking comments about uncivil colonial types who need to take up cricket.


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Re: Ordererd

Post by count-de-monet on Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:05 pm

Greetings and welcome to the wonderful game. Whatever version you pick I am sure will be interesting. G10 perhaps offers the best chance to mould a position from the earliest start date, but you could also get fortunate in an established game and pick up a strong, developed position that someone else put a lot of effort into.
Its a very good group of players, and there can be dis-agreements and arguments in character but I don't ever remember that ever spilling into the forum or becoming personal. As players we will also look to help out with advice and guidance.
Enjoy !

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Re: Ordererd

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