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Legal Academies-uses beyond training


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Legal Academies-uses beyond training

Post by Jason on Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:22 pm

I have a legal academy that will soon have finished training all the lawyers I need. I don't want to close it as I am sure in the future I will need it again (to train extra lawyers following population increase for example). I am however stumped to what other uses to put it to (rather than having it sit empty) in the meantime.

The only ideas I have had so far are:

1) Open it to foreign students who want to be trained as lawyers-this could either be for 'free' (which might give me some honour benefits?) or I could charge and at least get back some of the running costs.

2) Set it to research. If so I am stumped on what sort of research? Produce a codified set of laws? Identify areas for legal reform or new laws? Research a better sort of lawyer?

3) Have it train some other sort of legal personnel-but again I'm stumped as I can't think of any. I suppose I could train extra judges (to create an additional court system? Higher courts? court of appeal?). I have been trying to work out if there are any military uses for the academy in regards training-I suppose it could train a few lawyers to form an office of a judge advocate general? I did wonder if it could train recruits to be better members of a Watch or Military Police? However not convinced any of these ideas is viable/worthwhile.

Has anyone else found a use for a legal academy beyond training? Or got ideas for things I can try?

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Re: Legal Academies-uses beyond training

Post by Deacon on Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:46 pm

I had planned to try to research an improved legal code both civil and criminal, after I'd built out the legal infrastructure of the country. No idea if it will work.

I tried doing an improved tax code at an administration academy and just got back a blurb on how to do the 'efficient government' upgrade.

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